Namdaemun Market


One of the best experiences to have in Korea is just walking through the numerous open markets. Namdaemun Shijang in Seoul, the oldest and largest wholesale market in the country, is located right by the now burnt Namdaemun (the “Great South Gate”). Koreans say that if you can’t find it in Namdaemun, it probably doesn’t exist.

When you wind your way through the the crowded streets you’ll find everything from clothes and accessories, housewares and blankets, shoes and eye glasses, and of course tons and tons of food. There is also an alley that specializes in just street food (who doesn’t get hungry from all that bargaining), and I can’t help but stop and eat. Some of the best deals can be found during the night market (for insomniacs awake between midnight and 4am!).

The last time I was there, I got a quick shot of these three ajumma (middle-aged women) selling their pickled vegetables. I love how they all are looking/stretching the same direction and it makes me laugh every time.

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