Book Launch Party!

Thanks to all the friends and family, who came to the party! We had a lovely spread with tons and tons of food that my mom and her friends made. I also made some tasty Korean goodies (easy recipes from the book!).

These are the lovely and delicious kimchi buchingae and japchae that my mom and her friends made for the shindig. The flatcakes are made small to make them easy to eat. And yes! the noodles are made from sweet potato/yam starch. They are a fun, slightly rubbery texture and turn translucent when you cook them.

In the foreground are lovely pork mandu (dumplings) that my mom’s friend made for the party. Next to that is the ddukbokgi (spicy rice cake sticks) that I made. And plenty of small banchan (side dishes) in the back.

What a spread! All the dishes in the pictures are included in the book, except for the mandu (dumplings). They, unfortunately, are not so quick to make (although the are pretty easy! and included in my first cookbook). For your quick meal, you can cheat and buy frozen mandu from any Korean grocery store (I have a list of them on this site).

Special thanks to Minshi Wang for taking the photos.

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