Myung Dong Kyoja

outside of myung dong kyoja

I’d been meaning to go to the L.A. location of this popular Seoul joint for awhile. So, this hot summer night when we didn’t feel like cooking, we decided to meet some friends for some noodles and dumplings. Just like the original in Myeongdong, the L.A. restaurant has only 6 items on the menu, which includes kal gooksu (handmade noodles with vegetables in chicken broth), mandu (pork dumplings), bibim gooksu (spicy mixed somen noodles), dongchimi gooksu (cold noodles with vegetables in water kimchi broth), and kohng gooksu (cold noodles in soybean broth).

The decor is typical of modern casual Korean restaurants, but a bit more on the stark side. Dark wood tables (with a service bell) and clean-edged chairs complete the room. A couple of flat-screen TVs adorn the light-colored walls.

The mandu (dumplings) were nice and juicy, stuffed with pork and green onions into little rounds.

The dongchimi gooksu was refreshing with a surprise of green noodles under all the vegetables and ice. The broth was light and not as sour as I expected. It came with thinly sliced pickled mu (radish), cucumbers (both shredded and thinly sliced), topped with the requisite half of a boiled egg.

bibim gooksu
Their bibim gooksu was good and spicy, covered with shredded cucumber, on a bed of thinly sliced cucumber gimchi, and, of course, the boiled egg half.

Their banchan (side dishes) are as simple as the decor and menu. You get 2 items, a very spicy and garlic-laden baechu (napa cabbage) gimchi and a baek (white), not at all spicy gimchi. Unfortunately, the baechu gimchi was loaded with MSG (so those with allergies should beware). And the gimchi is so heavy on the garlic, they have a mouthwash dispenser in the bathrooms (complete with tiny, paper cups for your use).

Their menu is mostly in Korean, but the colored photos help you decide. They have beer and soju on the menu for those who wish to imbibe. All dishes just under $8. They take MC & V, but there’s no dedicated parking lot (best to go after 7pm, since there’s plenty of parking on Wilshire and Harvard).

3630 Wilshire Blvd (on the SW corner of Harvard)
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 385-7789

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