Summer Gimchi

Now that summer is officially here, I wanted to share with you my favorite gimchi to make when it’s hot — Oi Gimchi!

(The lovely photo is by Julie Toy.)

It’s a refreshingly light gimchi for the hot weather and goes so nicely with galbi and other grilled meats.

Since I live walking distance to a largely Middle Eastern market, I’ve been making them with Persian cucumbers, which are thinner and slightly sweeter than the Korean oi. Dare I say it? They’re almost better than the Korean cucumbers. I’ll have to make another batch, just to be sure.

But for now, you can see the full recipe from my last cookbook, Quick and Easy Korean Cooking, on

Happy Summer, everyone! Stay cool like a cucumber.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Gimchi

  1. Delicious! by the way can you suggest a quality brand of red pepper powder
    (and where to buy it) so i can make delicious KIMCHI? i do not read korean and want a quality
    reliable brand without salt added in it. Thank you, rachel

    • Hi Rachel,

      Unfortunately, I can’t recommend a specific brand, per se, since I get mine freshly ground from a local shop. But I can tell you what to look for. There are varying degrees of coarseness. For kimchi you want something not too fine. No Korean chile powder will have salt in it.

      As for salt, btw, best to use sea salt, since it helps keep the cabbage more “crisp” when fermenting.

      I have a list of Korean grocery stores on my site, here:

      Good luck and let me know how your kimchi turns out!

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