Kaesung Kimchi

This is the latest piece I wrote for the LA Times Daily Dish about a kimchi store here in Los Angeles. You can read my full story here:

Kaesung Kimchi

I’m including some additional photos they didn’t publish online.

This it the “mak” gimchi. – quick and dirty, already sliced and ready to eat.


The inside of the store is lined with refrigerated rows of kimchi lining 3 walls.


The yeolmu put baechu (turnip greens) water kimchi is one of the nearly dozen varieties Ms. Cho recommends for the summer.



One thought on “Kaesung Kimchi

  1. I was having lunch today with a cluope of science professors from SNU. They were complaining about how crazy Koreans act sometimes (recent events etc). I asked them if it was the kimchi.No, I really did.

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