A Slice of Korean History

A BIG THANKS to everyone who came to my lectures, signings and cooking classes. The book tour was a resounding success and it was a real pleasure to meet so many people interested in Korean food!

I wanted to share with you a gift I received from a lovely woman, who took one my cooking classes at J. Matheson in Everett, WA. Her husband had been stationed in Korea during the war and picked this up in Busan.


So, I’m flipping through the pictures, wondering what they are…


They aren’t postcards…


The art has an interesting quality of line and color…


(I didn’t know cloth-beating was a family affair!)


Still wondering what this collection is…


Makes it look like Koreans all hang out in hankbok and play instruments during picnics.

And then I saw the envelope:


Even though women’s rights in Korea isn’t what it should be. At least this shows, we’ve come a long way, baby!

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