Highlights from the Totoman Museum in Seoul

Although this isn’t really food related, I thought you’d find this entertaining.

This tiny little “museum” is hidden on the second floor of an Insadong building. Small but full of a rambling assemblage of old toys, kitsch from Korean childhoods, old school stuff, piles of tiny figures and sensational movie posters. Here are some highlights from the collection:

Twins, separated at birth?

This little guy was angry because he was only 3 inches tall.

Astro boys and friends

This “king” baby and his friends are the stuff nightmares are made of

You’ve come a long way, baby!

Donald Duck and friend

Bald, yet hairy, clown

Translation: “I’ve Been Tricked!”

Get your shots!

Mickey has more friends than Donald

Military miniatures

Is this monkey the homekeeper? You decide.

Translation: “Now Is Not the Time to Die”

You can never have enough

This calendar was advertising a pharmacy

Korea’s version of ugly dolls

Wonder Woman’s “Whatever I Want” Notebook

The Wrestler

Buddhist monks in training, perhaps?

Totoman Museum
169-2 Gwanhun-dong
Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-300
Admission: a mere W1,000
Daily 10 am to 9 pm

Take subway line 1 to Jonggak station, exit 3 and walk along Insadong’s main drag. Look for toy soldiers from a dusty second-floor window.

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