Hyang Namu Shikdang

After a long soak in an oncheon (hot spring), a dip in cold water and a long scrubby polish, nothing beats a traditional Korean meal (hanjeongshik). We wandered around the streets of Suanbo, a hot springs town, and chanced upon this cozy restaurant on a side street. Specializing in hanjeongshik and pheasant shabu shabu, we opted for the traditional meal.

30 different banchan! (Makes you hungry, right?)

Left side of the table (including japchae, hobak, and a salad made from local apple dressing)

Right side of the table (including galchi, some kind of spicy sweet potato and eggplant)

They make their own gochujang (chile paste) and cheongukjang (fermented whole soybean). All their banchan was fresh and made from locally grown vegetables. Delicious!

Hyang Namu Shikdang (Juniper Tree Restaurant)
Chungbuk, Suanbo (in front of the Gloria Hotel)
(043) 846-2813

Hanjeongshik meals range from only 8,000 to 10,000 won (a bargain!)
ggong (pheasant) shabu shabu 50,000 won
soon dubu 5,000 won
drinks from 1,000 to 8,000 won for local alcohol

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