Barley Bibimbap

On the way to Shilleuksa (the only temple in Korea located near a river), I stopped in at one of the many restaurants lining the entrance road and enjoyed a simple bolibap (barley rice). A popular and inexpensive meal to have in the countryside, it comes as a bibimbap (mixed rice) with seasonal/regional vegetables, some hot soup (this restaurant served it with dwenjang jjigae – a hot stew made from fermented soybean paste), kimchi and a small arrangement of pickled things.


Great for vegetarians, it’s a healthy but delicious option for lunch.

It’s one of the last restaurants before the entrance to the temple. It’s on the corner, diagonally across from the restrooms shaped like old-school pottery (looks like a white igloo).

289-1 Cheonsong-li,
Buknae-myeon, Yeoju-gun

6,000 won (the average going rate for bolibap)

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